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Group Rides from TBS Racine

Tuesday Indoor Winter Rides - ZWIFT style

'22/'23 Rides Start 11/15/22!

When: Every Tuesday at 6:30pm (weather permitting, Ha Ha)

Pace: Intermediate 18-21 mph

Location: Wherever your smart trainer is set up 

Our Tuesday Indoor Winter Rides will take place wherever you want! Basement, living room, gym, anywhere, as long as you have a trainer, smart device, and WiFi connection! Rides will range from 24 to 35 miles (75 - 105 mins) with routes varying from week to week and geared towards intermediate fitness levels. Average speeds from 18 to 21 mph. Our goal is to have everyone warm up together for the first 10-15 mins, then have the group split into different paces, based on ability. The great news is that any and everyone is invited to ride and at whatever pace you can. If you bite off more than you can chew, no big deal, you're already home!

In order to participate, riders will have to have access to a smart trainer (or the like), a Zwift account (our ride host app), and have joined the Trek Bicycle Store Racine Club in the Zwift Companion app.

Questions on how to get started, Zwift, smart trainers, and anything else about the ride, feel free to give us a call at 262-770-3294 or reference our ZWIFT TBSR Ride FAQ page.


Tuesday 20's Ride - Weekly

'22 outdoor rides have ended for the season. Please join us for our indoor Zwift group rides starting on 11/15/22! Details above.

We're excited to get our Tuesday 20 Rides restarted for this season on May 24th, 2022. Some of the routes will be modified from our exsisting maps because of the ongoing construction in and around Foxconn. 

When: Every Tuesday at 5:30 pm (weather permitting)

Pace: Intermediate 16-18 mph

Location: Trek Bicycle Store Racine  

The Tuesday night ride is a friendly, no drop, social pace excursion that is intended for the intermediate level rider. It ranges from 20 to 29 miles (hence the name!), depending on the time of year and what the group feels like doing that day. Average speeds will range from 16 to 18 mph. As the ride grows and riders get stronger through out the summer, we will divide into multiple groups based on ability. A few of the routes are shown below. While all bikes are welcome, road bikes will prove to be the easiest and most efficiency styles for these rides and routes.

Note: If weather is questionable, ride updates and status will be posted on Trek Bicycle Store Racine's Facebook page

Disclaimer: Bicycling can be hazardous and is taken at your own risk. TBS Racine carries no responsibility or liability to any actions or outcomes from any group rides originating from our location. We recommend helmets be worn while cycling.

Click on Map to see Tuesday Ride 25.2 '18 details

Click on Map to see Tuesday 22.2 Lakefront '18 ride details

Click on Map to see Tuesday 20.7 '18 ride details

TBSR Zwift Ride FAQs

Can anyone participate on a TBSR Zwift Ride?

YES! The only requirement is that you have to join our Zwift Club, which is open to everyone, to unlock access to our group ride schedule and sign up.

What is required to join a Trek Bicycle Store Racine Zwift ride? 

There are a few ways to do it but the favored set up that'll allow the best user experience will require a Trainer (This is what holds your bike in place. In most cases, it's what  will provide the info needed to make you move in-game and let you ride), a Bike, a Device to run the Zwift app on, and a Zwift subscription.

Once those are taken care of, simply joining the Trek Bicycle Store Racine Zwift club (FREE) in the Zwift companion app will give you access to all our rides.

I'm not very tech savvy. Can someone help me out by getting everything set up in my home for Zwift and your rides?

Yes! We do offer home set up for a small fee to make sure everything gets set up perfect and to ensure you know how to use your products efficiently.

How do I sign up and launch the Zwift app?

We could walk you through it but why don't we lets the pro's do it. Here's a link explaining how.

How do I sign up for the club?

Click here

How do I sign up for a ride?

Click here

Other questions regarding Zwift? Try their help page here

Other questions about our Zwift rides, please call 262-770-3294