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Kids TRADE UP Program

To ensure the youngest cyclists in your family are always on the proper size bike, we offer our Kids TRADE UP Program

Given how fast kids grow these days, it takes a small fortune to maintain them in the proper sized, well, anything. Shoes, clothes, etc. The list goes on. However, when it comes to the bicycle, it’s imperative they’re in the correct size to guarantee their fun and safety. We’re here to do our part. Welcome to our KIDS TRADE UP Program. As they grow, so can their bike and it won’t have to break the bank! You get the peace of mind knowing that any kids bike purchased from us, within 3 years, is guaranteed to be taken back as a trade towards the next size up with a value of up to 50% of its original cost (final value based on condition). This is at anytime of the year and the credit will be applied towards their new bike purchase!

How it works - When your child is ready to graduate to the next larger size, simply bring in their previously purchased TBS Racine bike to the store (within 3 years from original purchase), along with the receipt and any accessories that were originally included with the bike (ex. training wheels, baskets, pads). If you can't locate your reciept, don't sweat it. We should have it in our computer for you. While you shop for their new bike, our techs will do a quick evaluation on the old one to determine it's condition, and based on that, we can let you know what your TRADE UP credit amout will be being up to 50% of the original purchase price! That's it, it's that simple. Have questions? Stop in or call, we'll be glad to answer them.

* New bike purchase must be towards a larger size, can not trade "down" or replace the same size. All KIDS TRADE UP bikes are be subject to evaluation. Any necessary repair or replacement part costs needed will be factored in accordingly to determine final credit given. Bikes must also be in good working order and rust free. Only bikes purchased from the Trek Bicycle Store Racine are eligible. Juvenile bikes, sizes 12" - 24" are eligible for credits. Trikesters, MOD's, and BMX bikes are not included in the program. Original accessories should be included (or replaced) prior to TRADE UP. We reserve the right to refuse any bike we find has been modified or damaged, mechanically or cosmetically.